Vidmate older version of 2015:

If you come to the access all top music position and also viral medial files, the old version is highly applicable to collect want to watch all reliable videos without meeting any risk trouble of it. Now you can find out this older version software can be collected from 9 app platform and also it has million people make use every day to gather all files from the various social media and another website. It filled with great fun on giving untenable entertainment at all time.


  • Are you searching for right obtain manager here Vidmate become the right choice and help to collect all video for playing local at any time?
  • It is friendly tools for all user
  • It is specially designed to replace another existing app currently among the people
  • This tool lets to gather HD videos with high speed
  • It builds with different apps function such they allow to stream online videos, access the media files direct to mobile and play as per your needs
  • At the time of the using such tools, the applicant may meet error to collect so that requested to updated and start downloading without any risk.
  • This tool cut down 3G bill by collect the content to run over device
  • It has the option to go for collecting videos top play multiple items in a fine manner

What are great and special Features found in the Vidmate?

  • The candidate has made use of the pausing, deleting and restarting the action of accessing the multiple files from the major website
  • It is great and amazing videos collecting apps that the user can gather their favorite videos and media filed with HD quality from the wish TV channel from 150 to 200 channels.
  • User can obtain Vidmate to gather a lot of the medial file in various formats and also other kinds of music.
  • You can go for the gather multiple videos files at the same time with enough speed and never let to meet error at the time of using it.
  • All file can be collected directly from the end number of website and also it is completely freed from the cost and also other users need to spend money to collect videos. Hope it is the best and right choice for the customer to use and get videos
  • Vidmate old version software let gather different high-quality videos file and songs to spend time with fun and pleasure at watching with high quality.
  • No limit gather the videos files from a different website and hope it works well and provides the best support for the customer.
  • This tool completes suitable to navigate and also user-friendly to interface without getting additional software.
  • You can collect the videos files with the HD quality to low quality like 360 p to 1080p and you can get gather speed more 200% that other competitor software.
  • User can collect all videos in wish format to play over the mobile device
  • This platform builds secure features so the user can secure wish videos with high-security passwords
  • You can change the default media player for using all media file
  • Option to watch Live TV with best and great support at all time.
  • To collect such Vidmate software, the user need not have Google account for it.
  • User can obtain the multiple files simultaneously
  • Pause and resume to obtain at all you want
  • You can set default videos streaming to have faster download.

What is the common format that can be obtained via Vidmate software?

This tool acts as a great choice for the downloader so it is well designed to collect the different file format to obtain and watch file over the hand device. Let we get down to collect the videos file format below.

  • 3GP
  • ASF
  • AVL
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • RM
  • SWF
  • WMV

Then it has still some many formats which are capabilities to obtain media file directly to the mobile. Hope you can try with this software and get new ideas without meeting any risk and trouble of it.

Can we make use of this application over PC and Laptop?

Yes sure, the user who is all having the PC and other laptops can feel free to make use and install apps and start to collect the wish videos from the different part of the website with zero cost. When come to make use of the Vidmate file over the PC, you just go with the below steps such as

  • Open wish browser over the PC
  • Go with Google home page
  • Search as downloading Blue stack apps which is well and suitable for interface the windows and other apps computer.
  • Once installed, the user can just run over the software with these blue stack apps
  • Now navigate t the folder to store the all media file which is downloading via this Vidmate
  • Once launched Blue stack and it has the feature to search software and then hit enter to obtain the Vidmate ask file.
  • Now you can realize that the file successful install and watch collect the favorite videos file without meeting any risk.

By following the above steps the user can run and collect the videos without meeting any risk at all time.

How to increase the speed of the downloading file from Vidmate?

This software built with the option to obtain the media file in much faster and hope it works well and delivers the best solution and support at all time. Therefore you can follow the given steps below

  • Go to setting and collect obtain setting option over the mobile
  • Over the mobile screen, then user need to turn on the fast obtain mode
  • Now you can obtain the video fine much faster manner

How to obtain Vidmate?

  • The first step is downloading the application file on your mobile.
  • Then, using your file manager to go to the obtain files.
  • Open the application on your mobile.
  • In settings on your mobile device, you may get a warning about that application. Otherwise you just ahead of your process that is installing your application.
  • In this application is lightweight and user-friendly. Most of the user used this application for the purpose of video downloading on YouTube. It is unique compared to other video obtain app. Then what is the features are there in this app? They are
  • The interface of this application is user-friendly. This application easily shows your favorite format and your preferred resolution.
  • This application provides many qualities for users like low quality to high quality and many more.
  • Vidmate app downloading videos with high speed. It is 100% faster than other video downloaders.
  • obtain all your favorite videos in required formats.
  • During video downloading your mobile will be most safe and secure.
  • It has the default media player for playing the downloading video.
  • Pause and resume options are also available.
  • Watching live TV with High quality.

This instrument has numerous variants yet the most recent rendition is v4.0906 it is propelled in April 2019. Using this software is conceivable to obtain for PC? Obviously, this application is constantly bolstered to all Windows adaptation, PC and other PC gadgets. Hence unquestionably you can appreciate the recordings and motion pictures in HD version. How to obtain the Vidmate software PC?

Step by step instructions to obtain this Application in PC:

  • First, significant advances are downloading and install any player on your PC. After finishing this obtain procedure. Tap on the player record and introduce the product on your PC.
  • Then, obtain and introduce the most recent form of this application on the official site. There are two choices are accessible for downloading video Application in your PC.
  • Now is in the wake of completing the obtain procedure. You without flaw click on the obtain document and pick the player alternative. The second one is in the wake of the downloading process you simply click on application record and introduce this downloader application. These are the basic strides for downloading this instrument in windows.

Therefore you a lot of videos files direct to a device and watch at any time without meeting any trouble of it.